Moving Company Selection Tips

One way of simplifying your moving process is by hiring the right moving company. The problem comes in when you go through the available companies. However, with the right procedure, and if you lay down the relevant factors, you can be sure of finding the perfect company. Here are some moving company selection tips to aid you.

Best Moving Company Selection Tips

• Ask around

It all starts with the people and sources around you. You can ask for recommendations from your workmates, neighbors, family, or friends. This helps to narrow your search and direct you to dependable companies. Alternatively, you can pay your real estate agent a visit and ask about the moving companies that can be reliable. The local directory can also help you select the best companies around you.

• Shortlist the recommendations

When you have a list of all the reliable moving companies around you, the next thing to do is to narrow down the list and remain with at least three of the best. As you pick out the best three companies, be sure to consider such factors as the availability, affordability, and reliability.

• Are they licensed?

Out of the three companies you shortlisted, you should be left with one that is the most dependable. Ask the company for a proof of license. The license shows that the company has been authorized to carry out the moving services. This also assures you of safety and dependability when the company handles your property. For instance, any company that offers national moving must have a US DOT (Department of Transportation) number.

• Do they meet your needs?

In most cases, a customer will either need to move locally or interstate. Occasionally, some will want to move to a different country. For that, you must inquire about the moving services offered by the company of your choice. If you want to move to your state or town, it is advised to choose a local-based company. Choose the company based on their services offered and your needs.

• How much will it cost you?

This is one of the leading factors to help you find a professional moving company. A good moving company should be ready to offer you a free estimate of the moving services offered. Ideally, the estimate should include the packaging fees, transportation fee, loading and offloading fees, among others. Avoid companies that have hidden fees for their services. They should be willing to provide you the estimate before you hire them.

• Are they insured?

Insurance is another aspect that you need to consider highly when you are hiring a moving company. In most cases, the moving company will be responsible for your belongings during the moving process. However, the liability comes in levels, which the moving company should be able to explain to you. Usually, the national movers will offer the client two insurance options; Released Value and Full Value Protection. The Full Value is costly, but you are covered for any damaged or lost item. Conversely, the Released Value won’t have an extra charge, and it has limited coverage.

Above all, ensure that the company is dependable, based on their availability, affordability, and the customer satisfaction. Unless the company has excellent customer service, you should avoid hiring it. Even with low costs of hiring the company, it must be able to deliver high-quality and professional services.